(For passengers)

As requirement of Viet Nam government, all passengers entering Vietnam must make a medical declaration. To do this, passengers follow these steps:


Step 1: Access Medical declaration management system through the address: or scan QR code at the point of entry to fill in the form.

Step 2: Choose suitable language to fill the form (Vietnamese, English, Chinese, or Korean).

Step 3: Read carefully and fill correctly the information in the blanket in medical declaration form (the box has sign “*” is required to fill).

Step 4: Enter authentication code to the last box of the form.

Step 5: Click “Submit” button, wait till the notification window is appeared "Sincerely thank you for completing the medical declaration" and instructions "you need to go to the workplace of the medical quarantine staff to get the confirmation. before going through the counter to make immigration procedures ”.

- Display the notification screen


Step 6: Going to the workplace of the medical quarantine to get the medical declaration (before making immigration procedures).

If you need more information about the declaration of medical, please contact with medical quarantine at the immigration point of entry.

Your declaration of medical activity has helped protect the health of the community. Thank you and welcome you to Viet Nam.